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North Charleston Needs Mental Health Support

  • 26% of North Charleston residents 18 years old and older have usually little interest or pleasure in doing things.
  • 25% often feel down, depressed, or hopeless.
  • 38% of people living here have trouble falling or staying asleep, or sleep too much.
  • 49% of people often feel tired or have little energy.
  • 29% are bothered by poor appetite or overeating.
  • 19% often feel badly about themselves, that they are a failure or have let themselves or their families down.
  • 17% have trouble concentrating on things, such as reading the newspaper or watching TV.
  • 4% have thoughts that they would be better off dead or of hurting themselves in some way.


 We’re proud to offer North Charleston and Surrounding Areas the Following Psychiatric Services:


Panic Disorder Treatment

OCD Treatment

Insomnia & Sleep Disorder Treatment

Schizoaffective Disorder Treatment

Schizophrenia Treatment

We Accept Insurance and We’re Open Late Because We Care About Our Patients

It’s very important to us that our psychiatric services as accessible as possible. That’s why we offer late hours and we accept insurance. For more information about our pricing, insurance policies or practice policies please read through our Frequently Asked Questions.

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